According To Mary Pierce: ‘Jesus Is Really My Best Friend’

In an interview, Mary Pierce, the two-time Grand Slam singles champion and also the winner of 16 WTA singles titles spoke about her strong trust in God. ‘When I retired, I felt the end was near, but I have to admit Jesus helped me a lot.’ She said this when she is in Mauritius since 2008, the tennis and while her stay at the place, she lives in an evangelical community devoted her time investing her energies in tennis sport. ‘Jesus is really my best friend. At some point of my life, I felt empty inside and tried to find meaning [in life]. I had everything to be happy: my career success as a tennis player, a big home, money everything.

I had won all the big trophies and many accolades, but there was always something that was missing and I didn’t know what. Then, I found Jesus, who accomplished many miracles in my life. He hit my heart and made me open my eyes,’ she said. ‘That is how it happened: on the WTA Tour I saw a very different player than the others,’

Then I accepted my sins in the March 2000, when I was all alone in a hotel room. There I gave my life to Christ. That I felt I could fulfill my empty life with immense love and indescribable joy. Now, I knew all my sins are forgiven. Now I know I was loved and that I had an eternal life.

God has healed all my injuries, after this I was able to forgive everyone who hurt me and even ask for forgiveness to people with whom I done anything wrong, intentionally or unintentionally. I knew about the peace that I was looking for a long time. A kind of peace that overcomes any human logic and understanding.’