Kournikova Served Tea to a Racket Stringer

Former tennis glamour queen Anna Kournikova prepared and served tea to a tennis stringer at Wimbledon, it has emerged. The surprising story, dating almost 12 years back has been told by a tennis racket stringer from London who used to string rackets for the stars that arrived in London for Wimbledon.

Liam Nolan, who was employed as the former head stringer at Wimbledon pulled the cat out on many of the stars who visited his workshop, stating that current world number one Novak Djokovic and fellow Serbian player Janko Tipsarevic asked for advice on place to pick up girls. Rafael Nadal, another former champion who was a regular at his workshop is brilliant with the barbecue.

He branded the Williams sisters, one of the best tennis betting tips, who also came to him to string their rackets as horrible professionals, screaming at the top of their voices and being extremely rude to him and his subordinates.

He went on to add that the authorities at Wimbledon also did not pay much attention to them and the money (£ 100) they got for working 13 hour shifts with just a 30 minute break in between was not enough.

Nolan, who left his post at Wimbledon in 2002 and set up the UK Racket Stringing Association, told a local daily that other than the Williams sisters, most others who walked into his workshop were decent people, particularly Anna Kournikova and her mother.

He narrated how Kournikova and her mother walked into his workshop one day to get her rackets strung when he offered them tea and the mother of Anna Kournikova stated that he daughter will be making the tea and Anna had to walk through all the stringers to the back and then return with a tray of tea cups and biscuits.

Nolan, however, added that this was before the Russian had become the glamour girl of tennis. According to the latest US Open odds, the chances that she will make tea for the racket-stringers at Flushing Meadows are slim to none!