Mary Pierce has said that the key to Serena Williams’ success is that she practices for long hours and works very hard on her game.

Serena Williams played some extraordinary tennis in the last season. She dominated in almost every tournament she took part in and at times, she looked unbeatable. However, she didn’t manage to finish the season as World no. 1, but, if she continues the same kind of form at the start of the next season, she would be at the top of the rankings pretty soon.

When Mary Pierce was asked what she thinks is the main reason of the success of Serena Williams, Pierce said, “I think hard work and hunger for more and more victories are the two main reasons why Serena has been so successful over the years. You can’t even imagine how hard she works on her game even at this stage of her career. She practices for many hours and goes into every tournament with enough preparation.”

“In 1991, I used to live on floor no. 3 of an apartment in USA and there were a few clay courts nearby.  Every morning, I used to be woken up by the sound of the tennis balls hitting the racket. When I used to go out to see who was out there playing tennis so early, I used to get amazed to see each and every member of the Williams family out there. They used to remain there the whole day. I must say that Serena’s father should be credited for the way she encouraged both his daughters.”

“I think Serena is at the peak of her career at the moment. She has had some health issues earlier this year, but, she is fully fit at the moment and has been playing some extra ordinary tennis.”